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Originally Posted by Lightning Strykez! View Post
You're right on. You guys have to remember that Halle Berry represents one of the core virtues of the X-Men series as a whole: diversity. She is the only woman of color in this cast and Omar Sy is not going to be placed on posters anywhere. So for the sake of diversity alone I'd expect Halle to continue being featured prevalently. She is an Academy Award winner who's seen a significant rise in her career lately.

Yes, Jennifer Lawrence is also an Oscar winner, but she is not as accomplished as Halle who has over 20-plus years on her in consistent Hollywood longevity. These two women will get the most face-time. It'll be interesting with Jennifer though: she won't be as recognizable in blue make-up to audiences.
I wouldn't say Omar Sy won't be featured on a poster. He will be a pivotal role, plus Bishop is THE new mutant everyone wants to see. The casuals surely remember him from the 90s cartoon.

Mark my words he will be on the posters. In some fashion or another.

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