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Default Re: OK...its time.....Man of Steel vs Superman Returns - Part 1

I see no problem with LnC having children together, they've been together for 75yrs and I do not necessarily believe it is impossible for Supes to have children with her. I do think it is better if it is in an ending scenario and doesn't continue in other stories.
SR left a lot of questions open about Superman and Lois' relationship and how it resulted in Jason. Did Lois get pregnant in Superman II? Is the fact that Superman lost his powers the reason Jason is so sick? Did Superman and Lois have a relationship post Superman II and that's how she got pregnant? Does Lois know from the beginning who Jason's father is? When did she meet Richard and does he believe he is the father?
Apparently these questions would have been answered in the sequel but I honestly think they should have made it clear in the actual movie instead of just ending the movie with some major question marks.


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