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Originally Posted by Kryptonian Warrior View Post
I'm so glad to see there are other people like me. I absolutely LOVED MOS. It gets better and better with each and every viewing. I know that there are those on here who go into movies with a notepad and pen and take notes on everything they see wrong. I'm sorry but I don't go into movies wanting to analyze it frame by frame. That kinda defeats the purpose of going to the movies. Are there movies I don't like? Sure! It's not because of this or that, it's simply because I didn't like it. If someone asks why didn't you like <insert movie name here>? My answer is simple......because I didn't. Same reason goes for movies that I do like. I'm trying to figure out why I have to have a reason for liking/disliking a movie and then justifying why.
I'm reading from the same page bro - i loved the film - i saw it in 3d first, i didn't like that effect, so walked straight back in to a 2d viewing and loved it more. Saw it a third time yesterday and still loved it. Thing is, there is so much going on that you do need repeat viewings, imo to fully absorb it.

Ok, there was no oscar worthy script, but there were so many decent scenes. People dissect the movie and it kinda gets me down it wasn't universally loved by all fan boys, but there ya go!

Also, i was able to pick up on scenes or moments that i had missed - such as lois, at the end, on her screen was an article that looked like it was about the destruction - as an example. So, whilst not everything is spelled out, it is there.

The suit, looks to be a kryptonian garment worn to appear more colourful to humans - to bridge the gap. When he walked out, it wasn't superman walking out, it was Kal El, of krypton, on planet earth. Prehaps more suits behind it would have explained more - maybe past interpretations etc Maybe even have it solidify in front of their eyes from the AI onboard. Still, it does make sense when you think about it.

The Zod fights, most were in empty buildings - sure the death toll was high, but not in the thousands.

I had an issue with the handling of JK, not saying he was wrong, but could have been handled differently - but each to their own.

All i know is, this film sets up an amazing universe for DC

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