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Default Re: The Best, The Worst of Smallville

Originally Posted by jedisprite View Post
Maybe I should not have used the term 'offensive' for the 'Hangover' riff episode. What bothered me about it was Olvier dressed in drag, and the premise of it to begin with, along with the episodes sheer and utter failure at comedy. There are probably more stories or character arcs throughout the series which did more to assault one's intelligence then this episode I'm sure. I was just so taken back by a stupid attempt at a farce of an episode during season 10 which was supposed to break into Clark's future more seriously. Thus making it more upsetting as a fan, especially being more recent and towards the end of Smallville's run. So yes your right.
While I sort of get the it's Season 10 argument I had no problem with the show having more stand alone episodes, even in the last season. Personally I probably would be more upset with the episode if I was a Chloe fan then a Clark fan(since it was her last episode before the final and that was the send off they gave her). As bad as Lana's sendoff was they gave her a grand sendoff, in the case of Chloe it just felt like an afterthought

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