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Default Re: LA Times is reporting that WB will announce World's Finest movie for 2015

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
I know...I mean, yeah I'm being over-the-top at the moment. It's just frustrating because people were complaining, me included, on how we need another film to have Clark firmly established as Superman and we thought that we would get that in a sequel, but with Batman in the picture, that really leaves no time for that.

Plus, I like both characters, don't get me wrong, but like I've said a thousand times by now, most of which people just keep glossing over, is that Superman doesn't have a good track record in being portrayed right whenever he's on the same screen with Batman.

As a Superman fan, I have no desire to see Superman castrated so that Batman can look awesome.
Personally I don't feel he needs to be established any further, just as Batman doesn't need a new origin. People all over the world know who these characters are, why not just tell a damn good adventure story with them as the heroes? That's my issue with today's movies, everything needs mapping out, each detail needs establishing, hell if this happened in the 80's Raiders of the Lost Ark would be movie 3 lol.

As for how they have been portrayed together, I think people have posted several examples of where the dynamic has worked, I don't see any reason to imagine it wont here until I see something that gives me factual cause for concern.

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