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Default Re: LA Times is reporting that WB will announce World's Finest movie for 2015 - Part

Originally Posted by FilmNerdJamie View Post
Very much a business decision. Not that there is anything wrong with that.
Very much so.
I can't really blame them for making this decision, even if I would have preferred another solo-Superman film first.
WB has got to roll with the tide. They would have never survived 2015 with releasing a solo Superman film.
It can be argued that WB could have waited until 2016 to release a solo Superman film, but i doubt they wanted to wait that long to release the next film in their DCCU.
I am one of the people who thinks, no matter when MO2 was released, it wouldn't have earned a billion dollars. It would have most likely earned only 100 million more or so, basically i think it would have pulled an Iron Man 2 situation.
This is a surefire hit for WB and it's their only way to compete and keep up with MARVEL.
If WB plays their cards right, this MO2WorldsFinest film can easily earn a billion, and maybe close to making Avengers money. But then again, it can also go very wrong.
Again, i'm cautiously optimistic.

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