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Wow, you're saying it's not that hard to figure're pulling it completely out of nowhere! What's not hard to figure out is an obvious artistic technique to say that Ultron is formed from Iron Man. That's literally what it is saying. It meaning he takes over Iron Man's suit doesn't make any sense from the standpoint of a teaser. A teaser like that would have something that hints at the foundation of the story. Ultron taking over Iron Man's suit would be an arbitrary plot point at best. The teaser is hinting at something, and it MEANS something that Ultron is formed out of Iron Man's helmet. If they wanted to say Ultron takes over Iron Man's suit then they would not literally FORGE Ultron out of his helmet to say that.

It's all hearsay for now but there's no ****ing way you put that teaser being to mean Ultron takes over Iron Man's suit above it suggest Iron Man literally creating him on the possibilities list, since that's literally what the teaser is saying.

Originally Posted by blalex620 View Post
While that could mean that Stark creates Ultron it's not definite and shouldn't be taken as it. It's one of many possibilities.
Yeah you're right but that's the one that's at the top of my possibilities list.

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