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Default Re: LA Times is reporting that WB will announce World's Finest movie for 2015 - Part

Some people are freaking a bad way,I understand certain concerns But it's reaching ultimate drama queen status,Some have been *****ing since the official news broke out and already are claiming this film will be crap and is the "worst decision ever"when we don't know much about the film or even how big of a role Batman will have yet some are acting like it's confirmed Superman will be misused in such a horrific way.

F**k the past's history on Batman/Superman cross overs,That could easily change here,IF your one who hated MOS that's fine But doesn't mean this one will guarantee to suck either..Well I guess maybe to YOU since your convinced already.

This could still be Superman's show and a solo sequel IF(a good chance of it)Bruce/Batman is just a supporting character in a smaller role,Even IF it's a full-on tag team film there may still be other solo sequels later on,You can't have it you way of a specific order of films

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