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Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
Wow, you're saying it's not that hard to figure're pulling it completely out of nowhere! What's not hard to figure out is an obvious artistic technique to say that Ultron is formed from Iron Man. That's literally what it is saying. It meaning he takes over Iron Man's suit doesn't make any sense from the standpoint of a teaser. A teaser like that would have something that hints at the foundation of the story. Ultron taking over Iron Man's suit would be an arbitrary plot point at best. The teaser is hinting at something, and it MEANS something that Ultron is formed out of Iron Man's helmet. If they wanted to say Ultron takes over Iron Man's suit then they would not literally FORGE Ultron out of his helmet to say that.

It's all hearsay for now but there's no ****ing way you put that teaser being to mean Ultron takes over Iron Man's suit above it suggest Iron Man literally creating him on the possibilities list, since that's literally what the teaser is saying.

Yeah you're right but that's the one that's at the top of my possibilities list.
Yeah, I'm pulling it "completely out of nowhere."

In June 2007, Marvel launched a new Avengers title called The Mighty Avengers by Brian Michael Bendis and Frank Cho. In the first six issue arc, Ultron interfaces with Iron Man's armor, which Iron Man had integrated with his biology. This allows Ultron's program to transform Iron Man into a new version of Ultron, that inexplicably has the appearance of the human Wasp, albeit with a metallic skin. This version takes control of Stark's technology. He kills the Sentry's wife, causing the Sentry to battle Ultron, nearly tearing his head off. This version is eventually destroyed by new Avenger Ares, who uses a computer virus (created by the Skrull agent Criti-Noll, who at the time was impersonating Henry Pym) to wipe Ultron's program from Iron Man's armor, changing Tony Stark back to normal. Ultron's image later briefly appears on one of Pym's computers.[31]
Obviously, you can leave out the Sentry and Ares and Skrulls, but the basics of the original storyline are there.

I'll tell you what *doesn't* make any sense: that Joss Whedon would kill Avengers canon outright by taking Pym off Ultron's backstory completely, and simultaneously bushwhack Edgar Wright's subsequent Ant-Man film in the process.

Pym belongs to Ultron. Ultron belongs to Pym. You and I both know that full well. No way is Joss going to throw that kind of Avengers canon down the crapper.


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