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Default Likely Deductions About Who'll Be Cast as the Next Batman

So with today’s ComicCon announcement about the dark knight appearing along side the man of steel in the next big DC film, I've seen a lot of people elsewhere going epic crazy fan-casting who they want to don the cape and cowl.

A lot of that fan-casting though is, frankly, way off the mark and unlikely to happen. Because everyone and their mother seems to be making a few big mistakes. Like choosing an established name. Or casting way too old.

People like Jon Hamm or Ryan Gosling.

You want to know who’ll be the next caped crusader? Think younger, think unknown or barely known. Think Henry Cavill a year ago, think Christian Bale in 2004, think Tobey Maguire in 2000.

Also, think non-American born.

The next hero of the night is going to be someone between approximately 25 and 30, with maybe a few years lee-way on either end. He’s going to be someone with some experience under his belt, but not enough that people really know his name. And he’s not going to have been born in the US of A. How do I know this?

They’ve said before - I think it was Snyder and/or Goyer in an interview right after the film came out - that Man of Steel is the beginning of the new DC cinematic collective universe, and that Superman’s arrival on the scene is what inspires others to take on the mantle of being heroes. So take any thoughts of Batman being older, wiser, established, and throw them out the window. This Batman is going to be new to the scene and new to the job. Likewise, they won’t want either hero making the other look too old or too young. They’ll want them on even footing with each other.

At the same time they don’t want to upstage their new crown prince Superman. If they pick a “name" like Hamm or Gosling, it makes Cavill second-string. Because even with “Man of Steel" under his belt, he still doesn’t yet have that kind of instant recognition.

As for why the new guy will not be born in the US of A?

It’s a trend I’ve noticed.

The vast majority of superheroes aren’t played American born actors anymore. Likely because someone, somewhere, tested audiences and found that international audiences respond poorly to Americans playing heroes, but are more favorable to European or Australian’s playing them. Think about it. Wolverine, Batman, Superman, Thor, Spider-Man… all UK or Aussie. Sure, there are still some Americans playing heroes. RDJr's Iron Man, Captain America, whoever plays Hulk. But the trend has been going more and more towards non-American actors for these big tent-poles, and I doubt it'll change.

So… IMHO, what can can say about the next actor to play the Bat is...

  • 25-30 years old
  • Likely not American born
  • Not a ‘name’ celebrity

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