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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by ThePowerCosmic View Post
Why does it need to be one or the other? Stark and Pym can be collaborating on the creation of Ultron. I want Pym to create the majority, though. It won't be some random character if he's introduced in AOU(possibly even an earlier film like Cap 2) before Ant-Man. We've already dealt with Stark in a dark place, so give another hero a chance to do it. And no one is more fitting in this type of situation than Pym, imo. Getting the audience to care about new characters is something that Marvel embraces.
I'm not saying it HAS to be one or the other, I was just listing reasons why it makes more sense on a multitude of fronts to have Tony build Ultron in the MCU rather than Pym and how Joss and the guys at Marvel may be looking at it. Pym creating Ultron may mean a lot to us, but it means nothing to 99.9999999% of the rest of the population, and there are too many pros to having Tony do the deep than Pym to ignore just to be comic book faithful to something that doesn't even need to be cut and pasted from the comics.

Originally Posted by Whiskey Tango View Post
Until his wife demands a kitchen remodel or something, at least.

Not a fan of Stark creating Ultron. MAYBE if he's just *involved* somehow, but Pym should be there. Stark's had his story arc already.

Like if Stark Enterprises supplies the body/shell, but the actual brain and personality is Pym's work. That's be acceptable.
Yeah but what were you guys expecting? For Tony to take a backseat in the Avengers? He's still going to be the pseudo-main character in those movies, especially since it doesn't look like he's getting another solo film anytime soon. I'm not saying he'll be the complete focus, but he will be integral to the plot in the same way Wolverine is in X-Men films. He was always going to have a new character arc. Tony's story is about a guy who tries his best to make the world a better place with his brain, and just always ends up ****ing it over by accident in the process. Him creating Ultron fits perfectly with that and opens up a whole new slew of routes they can take the character into, which they will definitely want for their most important character.

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