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Default Re: The Design & Origin of ULTRON

My thoughts from another post:

That actually does make a perfect starting point for an Ultron as the villain Avengers movie. It actually allows for Ultron to still have been created by Pym too. I think about it like this: The Ultron A.I. somehow get's out and goes to the most tech advanced place: Stark's lab. There it overrides one of his suits taking it and fashioning his body out of it. Then a whole bunch of other stuff ensues. There's three places to go from here. 1) They could introduce the Pym's before they become heroes. Stark could go to Hank for advice on how to stop Ultron since he built the A.I. It could only be a cameo role. 2) They could introduce the Pym's as heroes in the final battle against Ultron. 3) They could give no indication of where Ultron came from and just have the Avengers figure out a way to defeat it on their own.

Option 1 would honestly be the best, imo, because it would allow Ant-Man to delve into the repercussions of Ultron on Pym and his subsequent decision to become a hero to never let something like Ultron happen again. This would be assuming Edgar Wright is up to making Ant-Man a continuation of Avengers.

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