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Default Re: Batman casting thread for Man Of Steel 2

(Insert TV actor that could never hold his own in a movie, actor already tied down to another superhero movie or overrated prettyboy here)

In all honesty though:

-I'd say Michael Fassbinder if he wasn't Magneto already.
-Armie Hammer is just too young to me. I feel like Bruce should be a little older than Clark, say 32 or so and have been active as Batman for a couple years in the shadows, just becoming known of to the public and forging his alliance with Gordon.
- Karl Urban is a touch too old at 41. He's a good actor and I think at one point he would have been great but realistically we want to get World's Finest (or whatever this'll be called), a Justice League movie and a few solo movies out of whoever is Batman in this. I'm worried if he got locked into a contract for 6 movies or what have you we'd end his incarnation on a Roger Moore in A View to a Kill type whimper with a Batman that's pushing 50. I just want an actor with some milage.
- Ditto for Jon Hamm.
- Joe Manganiello? No, just no.
- Charlie Hunnam, I haven't seen Pacific Rim but I like him on Sons of Anarchy. That said, I see him more as Aquaman than Batman.
- Luke Evans is roughly the right age but I haven't seen enough movies with him to really comment. He really doesn't look like Bruce to me though.

I honestly think we'll get an unknown that we haven't thought of yet.

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