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Default Re: Batman casting thread for Man Of Steel 2

Oh and this "Get Bale back!" thing? Just no. There's no way these two worlds are compatible and no way to do that without trampling all over The Dark Knight Trilogy's continuity and story. I'm open to suggestions if somebody has a sensible one but I just have not heard a good theory on how you could bring Bale's Batman into this without ruining what came before.

I loved Bale as Batman as much as anyone and I'm glad we could get 3 films out of him (more than any live action Batman) but the reality is that this is a role that has been played by 5 actors in live action on the big screen (8 if you count the two from the serials and Kevin Conroy's performance in Mask of the Phantasm). It has been recast before and it will be recast again and some point down the road the next actor will inevitably leave and be recast himself.

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