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Default Re: Spider-Man Trilogy vs Iron Man Trilogy

Originally Posted by RedBlueWonder View Post
Me personally, I prefer Amazing simply because I like Ultimate Spider-Man, but SM2 is the best SM film so far. I'd say TDK is the best sequel but apparently you don't like it? LOL
I don't just not like that movie, I despise it. It's one of the worst movies(comic book/superhero or not) that I've ever seen. An incredible step DOWN from Begins which for my money is the only Batman ANYTHING that doesn't suck. As for SM2, sure, it's the best of the Raimi trilogy but I don't think that's saying much. The best those films could muster was a mediocre effort. Plus there's the fact that Raimi's sensibilities to me are the cinematic equivalent of nails on a chalkboard. Maybe Steve Urkel would appreciate his sense of humor but I sure don't.

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