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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
IM: Tony's company is a weapon manufacturer that supposedly makes weapons for the greater good of America. Tony believes he's doing good. Turns out they're selling under the table to terrorist groups.

IM2: Tony thinks he is doing good by keeping the IM armor all to himself and claims there's no way anyone will be able to develop it in the next 10 years. Turns out his schematics end up in the hands of his enemies.

IM3: Tony thinks he is helping this girl by finishing her equation. Leads to the creation of AIM and all the power backing them up.

His story is all about him trying to do something good, ****ing up, and then fixing the **** up, If you call him fixing his **** ups succeeding then yes, he succeeds...but not before ****ing up in the first place. It would be the same situation with Ultron, except this would be his biggest **** up ever and the biggest clean job as well...which will likely have lasting repercussions.

Like I said, we'll see.

They also like doing clever things like giving you details and hints about something without saying anything or making them blatant. They did it all throughout IM3.
Do you have really long arms? Because you're seriously reaching in your attempts to make Tony Stark look like a "****-up."

IM1: OBADIAH STANE sells weapons to the enemy. Tony Stark doesn't.
IM2: All about how nobody else can emulate the Iron Man technology. By movie's end (and still to date), STILL nobody can emulate it. No matter how hard they try.
IM3: You're gonna blame Tony Stark's offhand equation from a New Years Eve party for the creation of AIM, Mandarin, Extremis and the rest...? Oookay.
I'll even give you a freebie: Avengers. Tony's super-duper arc reactor powered skyscraper becomes a conduit for an alien invasion. That his "fault," too? Do you think he scrapped the whole program because it could pose another danger if somebody tries to open another interdimensional portal?

Originally Posted by MovieMaster View Post
In regards to whether Tony Stark or Hank Pym creates him, go with both. Stark provides the body and Pym creates the brain/AI. Duh
While we're on that subject:

Let's discuss exactly *why* Tony Stark would provide body, AI or both for a killer robot/cybernetic weapons system.

Keeping in mind that Tony Stark has been out of the weapons business for years now, and has absolutely NO reason to trust a globalist government powered by the World Security Council ("Let's Nuke New York") and SHIELD ("Let's Weaponize *Everything*").



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