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Default Re: The Design & Origin of ULTRON

Stark offered Banner the opportunity to come work for him. I really wouldn't mind if we find out Hank Pym was another 'genius' offered the same and is working at Stark R&D. He is working on advanced AI based on existing brainwave activity, as Stark wants the AI to mimic his own behaviour. As such, Pym has access to the IM tech.

Perhaps he then uses his own brainwaves for one attempt because a) he has an ego, and b) doesn't really believe Stark is the best example to use.

Hello Ultron.

I think this could be done in an opening scene where Stark is walking the other Avengers around his classified R&D facility to show off how he means to ensure being outnumbered, will never be a worry again - He introduces Pym etc - The others express concern about an AI running around.
Stark replies with "any more than the concern half the world has with US running around?"

Just throwing ideas around.

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