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Default Re: Batman casting thread for Man Of Steel 2

My opinions on some of the names being thrown around...

Fassbender - Hell yes, but it probably won't happen since he's already Magneto.

Kazinsky - Maybe, but I'm not sure about him. He looks a little bit like Cavill though, so I guess it works since Bats and Supes tend to look like twins in the comics, lol.

Caviezel - Hell no. Too old and not that great of an actor.

Mangienello - Meh, I would have been okay with him as Superman and he'd make a great Hawkman but I can't see him as Batman.

Hammer - I'd rather have a colonoscopy than wake up to the news of that guy being cast as Batman.

Lincoln - Love him on The Walking Dead, but it's tough to picture him as Bats. Great actor though.

Bomer - Decent actor but wouldn't have the dark presence needed to portray Batman.

Evans - He might work, but I've only seen him in small parts so I can't be sure. I think he has the look though.

Madden - He's solid, but he feels a bit too young to me.

Once again, folks. The DC Cinematic Universe is not about Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman or any of that. It's about HAIR. Here's the lineup to be announced at Comic Con.

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