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Default Re: "Are These All The Reviews You Brought?" -The Official Review Thread

What scene are these guys talking about? Is there YET ANOTHER flashback to his origin? Because I believe the admantium sequence has been shown in the last 4 films.
AP: For everything that's different about this Wolverine film, there's once again a scene that finds Logan naked in a giant tub, even though the circumstances this time are very different from past X-Men movies. Is this something you're stipulating in your contract now?
Jackman: Look, all I say is it has to be a minimum of a minute. It's only a minute. That's all. I love a bit of nudity. It's a funny scene. The movie is darker in tone, and more restrained in a way. As long as we can get away with it, it's nice to have those fun moments. In all seriousness, no, it's not in my contract.

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