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Originally Posted by Vartha View Post
Eventually he has so many bodies in reserve that he just transfers his mind to another body. At one point he is made of Admantium
Hmmmm. Since Wakanda is going to be in A:AOU then I imagine this time around it'll be vibranium? It'll have to be because in the MCU no freakin' robot is a match for Thor, unless he gets his hand on something like that.

Not too excited about this. The idea of a sentient robot being the big obstacle bores me to tears. It also means far less screen time since he'd be completely CGI than say a baddie like Thanos.

Originally Posted by jonathancrane View Post
Thanks for sharing this important piece of information.

Truth be told, I am happy they are avoiding the Time Travel element, as it would make the film a little too similar to Days of Future Past.
Exactly. I mean DOFP has Sentinels, Quicksilver/Witch, and time travel. All A:AOU would be missing was the time travel part.

Actually now that I think about it, it's still eerily similar.

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