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Default Re: Things you want to see in the new MoS: WF movie

Things I Do Not Want to See

-The Joker (and Harley Quinn)
-Lex Luthor
-A fight between Batman and Superman. Objectively speaking, Batman would lose in a fight with Superman; however, Superman represents the highest, purest form of humanity, and would not descend down to moronic violence. This is not the Avengers; we do not need to have our heroes beating the snot of each other in every other scene. Inevitably, there will be disagreements between the two; as Grant Morrison said in Talking with Gods, the Superman impersonator he met at Comic-Con said it best: Batman does not see the light in people." Hence, I want that characterization to influence the interactions between the two, instead of falling into the rut made by the Dark Knight Returns.
-A love triangle between Lois, Clark, and Bruce. They already did in the three part episode from Superman TAS, and there is no need to rehash it.
-No cheesy dialogue or wisecracks (I will be super pissed if there is another scene as bad as the "he's hot" one from MOS.)
-No "fake death" scenes, like Iron Man's in Avengers.

Now...what I do want to see

-The duo using their powers in conjunction: Batman with his tech, stealth, military and detective training, and Superman, with his disciplined application of power, perspective of the common man, and post-human powers (ice breath, laser beams, flight, and so on.)
-A shot of the Batwing and Superman flying side by side
-A scene building up the friendship of the two due to their understanding of each other's losses (Clark, with his father, Bruce, with his parents.)
-A scene showing Wayne Enterprises contributing to the rebuilding of Metropolis and Smallville.

Originally Posted by Jason Aaron
"I've known since I first took over the series that I wanted to eventually have someone else pick up the hammer," says the writer. "It's kind of a time-honored Thor tradition at this point, isn't it? Going back to the days of Beta Ray Bill."
Originally Posted by Geoff Johns
ďAt DC, we really see film and TV as separate worlds."
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