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Originally Posted by Mightyally View Post
I think that Ultron was a really good idea.

Perhaps he will be comming for adamantium or vibranium at some point in the movie.
I hope we get to see BP, Wakanda and vibranium ofc. If he chased adamantium they could however involve wolverine but that wont prolly happen.
Please don't kickstart the Wolverine nonsense.

Originally Posted by marcvader View Post
Hey Rock didn't you say the same exact thing about alien invasions before Avengers?
I think I might've said something similar yes. Luckily the rest of the movie made up for the cliche.

Look, I get it ...... having an army of mindless Chitauri or sentient Ultron armors gives the Avengers something to pummel and destroy. At the end of the day though, I'm more of a Darth Vader kind of guy.

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