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Default Re: Things you want to see in the new MoS: WF movie

Originally Posted by Tra-El View Post
Clark Kent/Lois Lane/Daily Planet relationships
Fallout from killing Zod
Jimmy Olsen snapping a picture of the Bat in the shadows
Secret Identity issues for both Supes and Bats in polar opposite ways
Heated interviews with the Daily Planet and Wayne Enterprises
Luthor/Wayne working together
Batman's detective skills the sole purpose in the findings of Kryptonite
Superman in Gotham City
Batman breaking his bare hands in combat with Superman
Luthor channeling Brainiac
Superman/Batman posing/standing together as one hero ontop of building ledge
pretty much nailed it - bruce and lex work together to rebuild the city, to also use the alien tech to reverse engineer - bruce for good, lex for bad.

Kryptonite - the fuel source to world engine decomposing, can be used to power up new tech, it also reacts to kryptonian DNA.

Lex fashions a ring, bruce takes a piece to analyse.

Daily planet are pro superman, lexcorp is anti - both highlighting each side of the argument.

Lexcorp produce an NSA style army armed with kryptonite - john corben goes rogue, superman takes him down with the assistance of batman

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