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Default Re: MAN OF STEEL 2: Superman/Batman (2015)

Originally Posted by Loki882 View Post
They don't need to do Batman's origins again (we just saw a fantastic interpretation on them back in 2005, it was called Batman Begins). Having an already established Batman could work fine. Maybe Superman's battle with Zod causes Batman to become more open about his vigilante activities.
Last I checked, they're already going to revamp Batman anyways, and when it comes to movies that means retelling his origin story again, which was done with Batman Begins after it was already told in the 1989 Batman, although Nolan managed to do a much better job when it came to how "in depth" they did with the story instead of simply saying, "he lost his parents at age 8". But anyways, this is what I've been waiting for since the teaser pic of Batman and Superman that was posted back when I was in middle school :P And I really dont think it'd be fair to give Batman a cameo appearance, not to the character of Batman or to the Bat-fanbase alike, so I'm seeing the two of them both having huge roles, or else why the freakin combined symbols logo? That says that its got to be bigger then that. Not to mention that if I'm reading it correctly, they wont be on friendly terms at the beginning, so I hope we get to see some serious action from both of them I just pray that we wont be disappointed as Warner Bros. has already managed to do with the cancellation of Young Justice.

Originally Posted by verisimilitude View Post
Wow. This is huge news. I haven't logged on in a while - but I'm intrigued.

However, having watched MOS, which I loved, but I feel lacked a lot of character development and was a bit thin at times --- I think the WB are going for the easy money, offering spectacle and eye candy and rushing to keep up with Marvel and the Avengers.

I laughed hysterically when the same people that were complaining that SR had little to no action and they wanted Supes to kick ass --- started complaining that MOS had TOO MUCH ACTION. "You asked for it - you got it" - and hats off to Synder for that.

But I'm not a fan of Goyer and some of the lines were terrible. Even though we've had over 10 years of character development on Smallville (perhaps a bit too much) -- -in MOS? Come on! 'Smallville' was rushed like pregnant woman to maternity -- and the delivery was agony.

I found people complaining about the *SPOILER*

Clark breaking 'someone's' neck


but I think the thing that I absolutely hated the most was this:

Clark: "I let my father die, because I trusted him" - Superman would NEVER do that, man.

Anyway, back to the SUPERMAN/BATMAN thing.

I am in the minority that wasn't a fan of the Nolan trilogy - so I was optimistic about looking forward to a new take on the character.

But I would be disappointed if this is a SUPERMAN film with a bit of batman intro in it --- or a SUPERMAN/BATMAN film in which our first look at our new Batman is incomplete due to being rushed, only having half the screen time and thus not enough time for him to be developed.

If he's introduced "starting off" - then I feel it's sad, since not only I would have loved to have seen Snyders take on Bats as a solo gig ... but, yes ... you guess it...

Again, we're offered novelty and spectacle of having these two giants on screen ... at the cost of losing precious air time for character development of both characters (and their respective surrounding allies and foes)

The whole Clark/Daily Planet/Lois Lane thing needs more time to breathe --- and the man only just got their at the end of the movie! Give him time! Patience WB!

The correct way in my mind to do this would be:

Get MAN OF STEEL 2 in production

Get a new SOLO Batman film in production

Some how have the events of both films tie to one another --- leading to the meeting of these titans --- and they have a small meeting in an after scene appearance at the end of one of these films --- which leads to a SUPERMAN / BATMAN (Public enemies) type film --- which would -- -yep, introduce Wonder Woman at the end

Leading eventually to a Justice League.

It needs time.

If it's introducing Batman as a guy already in the works - then they do a prequel in the future introducing his world -- then maybe that could work.

Just my two pennies.

It's a great time to be a superhero fan.
Dude I think you basically covered much of what I was gonna say, that would certainly work, and its the same thing that was done with Star Wars, although I know for whatever reason people hated episode 1. I swear, fans...ugh! But anyways, returning to what I was saying, I agree with you on them doing it this way, not saying they will but they should. And I've noticed, patience seems to be a growing problem in the world of hollywood (reality too). Great shows and movies alike, starting out good but are rushed and it makes the product as a whole fail because you use up the best of what you have before the end. Returning to the main topic though, they could very well use the Man of Steel sequel if its truly a sequel to introduce Batman, and if done right can really do well, but it takes the right people and I mean everyone, not just the actors since we still dont know who will be given the role of the Bat. However, they also need to use what they have correctly and not just slap stuff together and call it a movie. Dragonball Evolution is a prime example of this, as they had seven years to do it right and utterly failed.

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