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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread - Upgrade section 4

Originally Posted by Broseph44 View Post
Hahahaha not once did I say it's okay for tony to betray the planet and destroy millions, you do realize that the it would be an accident right? Tony wouldn't be plotting some evil plan. And hank very well can be introduced in AOU. I'm just saying if he isn't, and it's tony that creates Ultron in the context of the MCU it makes sense. With what we've seen from IM3.
No, the point is, Pym does betray the planet and destroy millions of lives. That's how it happens. Of course it's an accident. But it still happens.

So if it happens to Tony instead, he becomes the guy everyone hates to hate. In Age of Ultron they delve into how half of the surviving MU wants to go back in time and kill Hank Pym to stop Ultron from being created. And I'm sure most of them had thought about it prior to that arc.

It makes NO sense to me to make Tony that guy instead. I don't want to hate to hate Stark. I want to hate to hate Pym. That's his dynamic.

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