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Default Re: Do you think Batman will hamper MOS2?

Originally Posted by Tra-El View Post
No. Snyder said in the Bat was just one single element to the story and brought out the passage as to how and why his introduction could make sense. I think this will be more directed towards the Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne/ Luthor dynamic than it would be with the Superman/Batman relationship. I think they will throw down at the end of the movie with quick turnaround, but Superman's world will be more fleshed out than Batman's story so I don't think he will drag it down. I think Bruce will be written into the story alongside Lex as the villain and eventually, join forces with Supes after their showdown once Lex is exposed.
I'm not saying I don't believe you, but it'd be great to have some links and interviews so we can read all those things ourselves. If you have a link for when Snyder said this please share it.

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