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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread - Upgrade section 4

Originally Posted by Broseph44 View Post
So you just want to have hank there to create Ultron just so you can hate him. Haha. And why would you hate stark? hank created Ultron and then Ultron became self aware. We already know they aren't adapting the AU comic arc, just borrowing the title.

But if stark created him or even if hank did, that doesn't make me hate whoever created him. Neither tony nor hank would be creating him with evil plans in mind. You can hate Loki, because he planned on doing evil things. Do you see wht I'm saying?
I do see what youre saying, but not a single word of it changes my opinion. I hate to love Loki. I love to hate Thanos. I hate to hate Pym. I love to love Stark. You make him responsible for the destructive force in A2, I will be forced to hate him.

Listen, Broseph. I've already decided that I plan on being unapologetically against this decision. So you can keep arguing it with me if you want, but if there is not a single mention to Pym in Phase 2 I am against Ultron being in Avengers 2.

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