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Default Re: MAN OF STEEL 2: Superman/Batman (2015)

Originally Posted by gothamninja394 View Post
Dude I think you basically covered much of what I was gonna say, that would certainly work, and its the same thing that was done with Star Wars, although I know for whatever reason people hated episode 1. I swear, fans...ugh! But anyways, returning to what I was saying, I agree with you on them doing it this way, not saying they will but they should. And I've noticed, patience seems to be a growing problem in the world of hollywood (reality too). Great shows and movies alike, starting out good but are rushed and it makes the product as a whole fail because you use up the best of what you have before the end. Returning to the main topic though, they could very well use the Man of Steel sequel if its truly a sequel to introduce Batman, and if done right can really do well, but it takes the right people and I mean everyone, not just the actors since we still dont know who will be given the role of the Bat. However, they also need to use what they have correctly and not just slap stuff together and call it a movie...

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