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Default Re: The next Batman composer(s) Thread.

Since Superman/Batman is also a sequel to Man of Steel, it seems logical to assume, beyond any creative or schedule clashes, that Hans Zimmer will resume his composing duties. Since Mr. Zimmer has already dabbled in Batman, the question that immediately arises is if he will reuse motifs and sounds from the movies he scored to this new, totally unrelated Batman. If he does, will he be tasked by Snyder to compose a full theme for batman as he has done for Supes? I wonder what a full theme using the motifs of Nolan's Batman might sound. If he doesn't, how much different can he make it? Because after all he is a composer of his own self with his own soundscape he is comfortable playing in. Perhaps, recognizing this, he goes in a radically different direction altogether. Will this be good or bad? Will an additional composer be brought in to do Batman's score. Will the sounds of that hypothetical composer be in congruence with the sound of Zimmer?

Questions. Speculation. Dark days await. Great days.

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