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Default Re: The Design & Origin of ULTRON

I see a lot of people getting upset because Whedon is "taking away a key part of Pym's character".

The thing is though, it's not Whedon's job to worry about what's best for Pym. it's Whedon's job to worry about what's best for the franchise as a whole. Given that we have an established connection to Tony Stark, given what's been established about his technological abilities (particularly in Iron Man 3), having Tony be the creator of Ultron just makes narrative economical sense.

It might appease fanboys, but introducing Pym suddenly into this movie just so he can create Ultron, and expecting audiences to a.) suddenly care just as much about him as they care about established characters, and b.) buy that, oh yeah, there's this other dude whose been in the MCU this whole time, and he's just as good as Tony, if not better, at making revolutionary robots and AI, is a massive stretch.

The MCU is it's own thing. It needs to go in it's own direction based on what's best for itself. Ant-Man is still a movie that they're making, and they're still giving to give him stuff to do. They're not just standing around with their d**ks in their hands being like, "Welp, he didn't create Ultron. I guess we'll just make him generic and give him no character motivations."

If anyone is worried about Ant-Man, remember, it's written and directed by Edgar Wright, who is probably the best goddamn cinematic storyteller in the MCU, Whedon included. He will make a good Ant-Man movie.

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