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Originally Posted by EnDz0n3 View Post
By "significant rise in her career lately" did you mean The Call? In a sea of misfires and direct-to-home video releases (spanning from Movie 43, Cloud Atlas, Perfect Stranger, New Year's Eve. Yes I had to imdb this ), I wouldn't call,"The Call" "a significant rise in her career?."
I would. And I did.

And this may answer the OT question overall:

Look at the placement of Hugh, Jennifer and Halle Berry. I wouldn't be surprised if that may be the way the posters are laid out in terms of prominent "face time".

Think about it: Hugh has always had Halle by his side visually in FOX's previous OT marketing. In this film, Wolverine is going back to the past. So it makes sense that a face from the past (Jennifer's Mystique) is on his right, while a face from his future (Halle's Storm) is on his left. He is the bridge between these two time frames in Days Of Future Past. Everyone else will revolve around that.

X-Men: Apocalypse seems hellbent on giving us more of what fans dread most:
Katniss dipped in a bucket of blue paint.

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