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Default Re: Age of Ultron or World's Finest

At this point I have more faith in Age of Ultron, but I'm ultimately more excited by Superman/Batman.

It all comes down to Superman being my favorite fictional character ever, with Batman also close to the top. And while I am a fan, I'm just not as big of a one when it comes to The Avengers and it's characters.

I thought Man of Steel was pretty good, while I loved the first Avengers movie. So that's why my faith for a great film is higher with Age of Ultron.

In the end I'm extremely excited by both. And I'm honestly not a big fan of VS kind of threads or topics. Posting in this one is more of an exception than not.

Top ten favorite theatrical superhero movies:

1. The Dark Knight | 2. Superman: The Movie | 3. Batman Begins | 4. The Avengers | 5. Batman Returns
6. Captain America: The Winter Soldier | 7. X2 | 8. X-Men: Days of Future Past | 9. Spider-Man 2 | 10. The Dark Knight Rises
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