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Default Re: Avengers 2: Age of Ultron

blalex620 has the right reaction. What do we make of this? You tell me TayDee to re-read the comic but it's not just the comic. The cartoons have done this as well. Hank Pym creates Ultron, not Stark, or Banner, or Reed Richards, or Beast, it's Hank Pym.

That's what makes him a controversial character (aside from slapping Janet) is because he's so smart but he creates one of the greatest villains ever known. It's his eternal curse, his burden to carry that no matter what he does good he'll always have that one evil hanging over him.

In the comics Hank Pym is about redemption, he's trying to redeem himself for what he has done. If Pym didn't create Ultron in the movie that what's Ant-Man going to be about?

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