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I just don't know what to think . Part of me wants to trust in Whedon, the other part wants to rage against him. I don't necessarily have a problem with changing Ulron's origins up a little. But when you remove Hank Pym from the equation all together, just no. Creating Ultron and the subsequent fallout is what makes Hank Pym, Hank Pym. It's like not killing off Uncle Ben; would Peter Parker really be the same?

I honestly think if Whedon (who still has time to change the script) doesn't include Hank in Ultron's creation it will mean that Wright is probably not including Hank Pym in this timeline of the MCU. No Pym also means no Wasp (who if people are right was never in Wright's original script in the first place). At this point that would suck because Wasp is such a great character.

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