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Originally Posted by EnDz0n3 View Post
By "significant rise in her career lately" did you mean The Call? In a sea of misfires and direct-to-home video releases (spanning from Movie 43, Cloud Atlas, Perfect Stranger, New Year's Eve. Yes I had to imdb this ), I wouldn't call,"The Call" "a significant rise in her career?."
The Call showed that if you make Halle Berry the face of a low-budget thriller and promote it to her core audience (Black and Latino women) then you'll make $50 million in the US. Michael Fassbender hasn't done that, and neither has James McAvoy. Prometheus and Wanted would have done equally well without them. They are running off buzz, but they haven't proved themselves as box office draws outside of franchise-type movies where the concepts and visual effects were the draw.

Jackman, Lawrence, Hoult, and Berry are the only ones who have proved recently that they can carry a film (with adequate marketing and distribution). Halle has a core audience. Fox would be wise to attract it.

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