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Default Re: should batman appear in the MOS sequel?

I agree. I hope they are able to strike a balance with the character development. What could this team-up do to move the character of Snyder's Superman forward? At this point do we have enough development of Superman to only give him half of his own sequel? And how much screen time does he lose to build up the new Batman? Which brings up the next point...

Is this replacing MoS2? Or is MoS2 and a new Batman going to spin off of this film? Maybe they won't have to waste time explaining Batman too much since he just finished up his own trilogy. But it would have to be clear that it is not the -same- Batman, and that will be challenging. I don't doubt the potential, but it seems like DC is just trying hard to play catch-up. JLA in 2015 was an unrealistic timeframe, but now they still only have 2 years to sell a brand new Batman.

And if people thought the GA would have a hard time buying a new face as Spider-Man, they really have a tough sell replacing Bale.

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