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Originally Posted by Lightning Strykez! View Post
I would. And I did.
Agree to disagree.

And this may answer the OT question overall:

Look at the placement of Hugh, Jennifer and Halle Berry. I wouldn't be surprised if that may be the way the posters are laid out in terms of prominent "face time".

Think about it: Hugh has always had Halle by his side visually in FOX's previous OT marketing. In this film, Wolverine is going back to the past. So it makes sense that a face from the past (Jennifer's Mystique) is on his right, while a face from his future (Halle's Storm) is on his left. He is the bridge between these two time frames in Days Of Future Past. Everyone else will revolve around that.
Even with Halle's weak box office showing and direct-to-home video dudes, she's still a big star. And as previous posters and dvd/blu-ray/boxed set covers indicate she's one of 5-6 go-to people they place on cover. So I agree that on the promotional items she will be one of the more prominent actors. The beautiful white-haired big time movie star like Halle with a unique-looking costume (let's hope she never raises her hands like that on that twit-pic However I don't think she'll be billed right after Jackman and Lawrence as you seem to indicate.

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