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Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Having an Ultron movie come out a few months before an Ant-Man movie, and then having that Ant-Man movie involve a Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne that no longer has ANY connection to Ultron....THAT'S what's not making sense.

Or maybe you'd prefer that Ant-Man be about Scott Lang entirely? Hell, might as well just dump the facade and eliminate Hank and Janet from the MCU and the Avengers entirely.

Way to go, Joss.
Is that all Hank Pym is the creator of Ultron? If that's the case then he doesn't deserve his own solo film. There's so much you can do with Pym. Ultron is a crutch. Is Hank Pym only a guy who beats his wife (that will not be in a film that's they trying to sell toys around), so why not re-imagine Pym as a cool SHIELD agent like Falcon is.

You could go the Avengers Academy route where he creates a few young superheroes.

You can go the Ultimate Universe route where he was so obsessed about being a superhero he would create different personas.

I say you go super-spy with him.

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