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Arrow Official AMAZING X-MEN Discussion Thread

The room bursts into applause again as Singh asked who in the audience wants Nightcrawler back in the Marvel Universe. The room cheered again as the panel announced Nightcrawler will be in the brand new series “Amazing X-Men” by Jason Aaron and artist Ed McGuinness.

“Firestar is going to take her place as a major X-Men character for the first time,” Lowe added, pointing to her on the cover of the first issue along with Azazel. The panel then called Aaron and had the room cheer into the phone.

“We’ve been having to keep this a secret pretty much since Jason was writing ‘Wolverine And The X-Men,’” Lowe said, adding that this book will answer where the little blue and red Bamfs have been coming from. “Nightcrawler is dead, but that’s not the end of his story,” Lowe continued, explaining Azazel is a pirate that is stealing something the X-Men need and Nightcrawler needs to stop him. The team on the book will also include Northstar, Wolverine, Beast, Iceman and Storm.

Singh asks the fans who wants Nightcrawler back: Most of them do! That leads Lowe to announce Amazing X-Men, starting in November 2013, from the team of writer Jason Aaron and artist Ed McGuinness.

"Nightcrawler is dead, but that's not the end of his story," Lowe says. The story will involve Azazel, Nightcrawler's father, as a "demonic pirate." "It is so good, I can't wait for you guys to read it." McGuinness is a major Nightcrawler fan and particularly enthused by this project, Lowe says.

The team will consist of Wolverine, Storm, Beast, Iceman, Northstar and Firestar — the latter who will start becoming a major X-Men character, Lowe says.

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