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Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Having an Ultron movie come out a few months before an Ant-Man movie, and then having that Ant-Man movie involve a Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne that no longer has ANY connection to Ultron....THAT'S what's not making sense.
Yes it does if the story their writing has an old Hank Pym who is not associated with the Avengers whatsoever and Scott Lang is the protag of the movie. Furthermore, having an outside force come in and be the catalyst for the supposedly "internal conflict" the Avengers are supposed to deal with in a sequel makes no sense.

Or maybe you'd prefer that Ant-Man be about Scott Lang entirely? Hell, might as well just dump the facade and eliminate Hank and Janet from the MCU and the Avengers entirely.

Way to go, Joss.
Ha, it's funny how fickle some of you are. First you're praising the guy and saying he's the best ever and as soon as he does something that you disagree with he sucks, has destroyed characters, ruined the movie etc all before you've even seen any of it.

Just because Hank doesn't have the same character arc from the comics does not make this entire thing for not. You're blinded by not wanting change, are being irrational and, like I said, you're just plain not making sense at this point.

And anyway, if you want to blame someone, blame Edgar Wright for likely making Hank Pym old and putting off an Ant-Man movie for years, not Joss. Joss probably wrote his script informed about what Wright was planning, and missing Ant-Man is not going to stop him from using the villain he believes best fits what he wants to do.

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