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I am very dissapointed at the news that Hank Pym won't create Ultron. It is not so much a problem with the film itself or with the characters in the story themselves. The problem with Ultron being created by Tony/the Avengers is that they robbed Pym of his best story. It's why he feels the constant need to change and try to improve his powers and role. Why he has to be up to the challenge of stopping the thing he created. It's also what leads to some of his big hang-ups, why his marriage nearly feel apart, why he had a drinking problem for a while. Ultron without Hank is like Loki without Thor.

Unless Hank builds Ultron off-screen (which doesn't appear to be the case based on the teaser with Tony's helmet turning in Ultron), I am nowhere near as excited as I was to see Hank on the big screen. He was one of those characters that I always thought had a lot of potential despite being mocked by many people.

I wonder how people would have reacted if Marvel wasn't the one doing it. If Sony or Fox did this, the whole internet would have been furious.

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