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Wow, 2 pages already. I didn't mean to cause a panic. Just an issue I hope Marvel, Whedon and Wright are considering.
And I never heard Pym wont be the creator, nothing has been stated as such. Just makes me worry because Pym hasn't been introduced yet and the Avengers movie is going to have a villain created by someone who in the comics we all knew before hand.

Joss Whedon and Edgar Wright are two smart and great directors/writers. I am sure they can work something out to please both the movie going audience and the die hard comic fans.
Avengers showed that I think. It followed the plot of the original Avengers comic while still having a great new story.
I am just wondering how its going to happen. I could see Stark taking on the role Pym has in the comics, creator of the AI that represented his dark side and went crazy killing. But I would hope that doesn't happen and I don't see Joss or Edgar not seeing how that would upset their core fan base. (I hear SHIELD the pilot episode had inside comic references that the general public wouldn't get.)
I can also see Hank Pym being presented as a regular scientist who used to work with Stark, Banner, and SHIELD, before falling from grace and now sees how they are world heroes and famous and everyone loves them and he secretly doesn't love them. Creates Ultron who becomes his dark side, and then helps the Avengers taken him down,
and then in his own Ant Man movie by Edgar Wright its sort of Pym becoming Ant Man as a way to make up for his mistakes with Ultron. Something he could never undo, but maybe now he can save others sort of thing.

So it could go like this, unknown scientist creates evil robot Ultron that he helps the Avengers stop, then he becomes a well known superhero called Ant Man.

I think it could still happen like in the comics, just maybe not in the exact order the comics had like we would hope.

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