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Default Re: Age of Ultron or World's Finest

lol well you know what? I only saw the dark knight once, tried watching it a second time a year ago, and I shut it off. It's a good movie, I just hated it. (though I enjoyed the other two, especially batman begins).....but that's my opinion...

I am way more excited for AoE. I chuckled when I heard of Batman and Superman lol..

the two most iconic on screen DC characters....the hopes is to someday get a justice league movie, but for now, throw the two characters who have made up almost every DC movie together, and "see how it works"...feels a bit, idk, forced, to me. I'll see it, but I am no more excited for that than I am for a random movie I see a trailer of in the theater and say to my buddy, "that looks pretty good."

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