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Default Re: Avengers 2: Age of Ultron

Originally Posted by BlackMagicWolf View Post
jaqua99, not sure what you meant by the first part but the Mandarin comments are proof that taking a risk like this will have backlash. Was Iron Man 3 good, yes! But the Mandarin twist was......well it was what it was. I prefer the version in the comics.

I know that CA2 and maybe Thor 2 will lead in to Avengers 2 but I know (via interview) that Ultron won't be in either clip or cameo spot. So what will they show? The only way to redeem this in my opinion is if they mention Hank Pym in one of them but I doubt they will.
Originally Posted by TayDee View Post
Just because Shane Black did something that drastic doesn't mean it'll have the same effect from Whedon
No, I am talking about the pre release interviews. My point is that I feel very confident that there is more to the whole Ultron creation thing

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