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Default Re: Things you want to see in the new MoS: WF movie

Release it November/December (at least 3 weeks before/after Bond) 2015. This way it wont have to compete with The Avengers or Star Wars VII, financially or critically. Also releasing at the end of the year will give them more time to put the film together.

Like Man of Steel, borrow from several comic book sources, not just one. I'd like to see iconic moments from Worlds Finest, SupermanBatman Public enemies, The Dark Knight Returns, etc go into this.

To prove hes no Pushover, Batman has to upstage Superman once. And it should be only once as not to marginalize Superman.

Limit the amount of New Characters. From Batman's universe we really only need to see Alfred, and depending on how established Batman is maybe Gordon. Theres already alot of characters from Man of Steel who need screen time. The worst possible mistake would be to end up like Batman and Robin, with so many heroes and villains and characters it becomes a mess.

Tell the movie from both points of view, not just Superman's. I understand this needs to be a Superman movie first, but since its the first time we see the new Batman we need some scenes that focus squarely on him. The entire film shouldnt be from Superman's perspective, with Batman seen from a 3rd person perspective. We need to see the events unfold from Batman's point of view at times. Give us a good look at the Batcave, Batmobile, etc. Also show Batman breaking up a bank robery on his own as well as Superman doing something spectacular on his own

Dont have them be at odds for too long / make them good friends about 3/4 of the way through 2 1/2 hours of banter between the two would be a horrible idea. It was much funner for me to watch Superman and Batman be friends in Public enemies then it was watching them go at eachother constantly in Worlds Finest. This film would be smart to do both. Have them clash for the first half, and then be friends for the 2nd half.

The villain needs to be Luthor. A superpowered villain isnt really necessary. Luthor can put Superman's strength to the test by other means. Also Luthor provides a powerful mental opponent for Batman.

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