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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion (Spoilers) - - - - - - - - - - - - - Part

Originally Posted by Shikamaru View Post
I wouldn't be worried. If there is one thing I am not worried about when it comes to this movie, it is the way in which the characters are characterized and adapted. Goyer and Snyder are both giant comic book nerds. Until I see any news that I would consider to be a red flag, I have faith they will portray the characters as accurately as possible. I thought Superman himself in MOS was great. He was very much like John Byrne's Superman to me, which I loved. He was a larger-than-life God but at the same time, they established that he was human on the inside before he was a Kryptonian. As for Batman, I'm looking forward to finally seeing Batman in all his might and glory. All the live-action versions of Batman have been watered down so far nor have they had a more comic book costume or any fantastic action scenes. With Snyder, we might finally get the world's greatest detective in a black-and-grey suit in fantastic fight scenes and all that other great stuff. We might even get the definitive Batman actor similar to Reeve/RDJ. Even if the story sucks monkey diarrhea, at least there is that to look forward to.

I'm pretty sure it is meant to be a WF film as opposed to MOS 2. They had the Superman/Batman logo together at Comic Con and Goyer even said that "Superman vs. Batman" and "Batman vs. Superman" are currently being thrown around as title ideas. It may be a sequel to MOS though in the same way Iron Man 3 is a sequel to Avengers. One is an Avengers movie and the other is an Iron Man movie but the events in Avengers played a major part in Iron Man 3.

To be honest, I still think this is too rushed. MOS was more of a setup film and Clark just got at the DP. Lex Luthor still has to be introduced. Batman has yet to be introduced in his own movie. This seems a lot more like a business decision than a creative/storytelling decision. Now, does this mean this is a bad idea? No. Is the movie doomed to be bad? No. Does it necessarily mean that the story will feel forced due to it being released this early? No. At the same time though, this was by no means a good idea.
From what I've seen, a lot of people saying that this feels rushed.

Simply put, Clark just became Superman at the very end of the film and even if people say that they could simply do a time jump in between MOS and this new film, it robs Superman fans the development that should have been devoted to the character on screen and show how he became established.

And in regards to being comic book nerds, well truth be told, I'm more worried that Snyder and Goyer have more love towards someone like Batman as opposed to someone like Superman.

Snyder may have gone on the record of saying on how Superman is the granddaddy of all superheroes, but considering on how he's pretty much LIED about a lot of things regarding the film, ala, saying that Superman needed more films before teaming up with anyone, etc., I really don't trust him or Goyer to do Superman justice when Batman is involved.

If Batman isn't in the picture, then yeah, I think that they'd do goodness towards Superman, but when Batman is in the picture, everything could go out the window.

And even though "Iron Man 3" takes place after the Avengers, and is influenced by its events, it's still considered the third chapter of the solo Iron Man franchise, ala his own trilogy.

Superman doesn't even have that anymore now that they've potentially wasted it on this.

Until some real hard evidence comes up saying otherwise, it feels like the only real fans that will be rewarded by this experience are Batman fans since I can't see them making Batman look bad.

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