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Default Re: Age of Ultron or World's Finest

Originally Posted by Project862006 View Post
just agree to disagree i liked the mos script i liked batman begins script,he wrote the 1st 2 blade films which are well liked and even dark city is a classic film which he wrote

he isn't perfect by any means but i dont think he deserves the venom he gets people on this forum people act like his mos script raped their childhoods with the reaction of him returning
No one's acting like that. We just wanted a better writer, or at least, a genuinely good writer. I was about to write a longer response to this, but then I remembered Boom just articulated everything I wanted to say rather succinctly just this weekend in another thread:

Originally Posted by Boom View Post
Goyer is a textbook definition of an "idea man." He is at his best when his only job is to sit down with the director and screenwriter and spitball story ideas. The man could not write a thoughtful, cohesive script to save his life, and it speaks volumes that almost every script he writes has to be touched up by another writer. This is the first time these characters are appearing on the big screen together in 70+ years. This project deserves better.
And on the other side of the coin, don't get me started on all the great scripts Joss Whedon has done, both in collaborative efforts AND on his own. Hell, he used to be the guy they called in to touch-up those scripts from guys like Goyer. Forgive me for believing he'd be the one far more likely to make a good movie.

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