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Default Re: should batman appear in the MOS sequel?

I am admittedly a little excited that they want to bring in Batman for the next film, but also very worried. What came over them that they decided to consider this? Certainly not for lack of story ideas. Of the four Christopher Reeve film, only the first two are worth a dan, and they only did Zod and Luthor.

Now Zod has been redone, which is fine because he's so closely identified with Superman's past that it's almost impossible to ignore, but there are so many paths left untraveled. We've yet to see Metallo in a live-action film. We've yet to see Brainiac. We've yet to see Doomsday. Mxyzptlk. Bizarro. Toyman. Darkseid.

There are a lot of options, and while I am very much interested in seeing Batman appear, I still feel strongly that this should be manily Superman's movie. If they are bringing in Batman only because they think Superman can't carry another movie by himself, then they should just stop and walk away. I'd rather they not even make the film.

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