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Default Re: MAN OF STEEL 2: Superman/Batman (2015)

Originally Posted by Loki882 View Post
He listened to his father before that (not getting into fights for example). Also, saying that no 17/18 year old kid would ever do what Clark did strikes me as a gross generalization and overreaching (there are millions of kids that age in the world, how do we know how some of them would react in a situation like that, simply, we don't).
He listened to his dad for not getting into fights, sure, but when has he shown to have listened about saving lives?

Yes, saying no 17-18 is gross generalization, but wouldn't you say, most 17-18 year olds, or a typical kid that age, would leave his father to that fate, despite the best intentions of his dad? I wouldn't, "revealing myself to the world too early" be damned. Would you?

It's a great message set in a leaky premise, which has too many what ifs to convey the message powerfully enough.

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