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Default Re: Likely Deductions About Who'll Be Cast as the Next Batman

Originally Posted by Frontier View Post
So, clearly, no one ever bothered to read my OP then... ok, nice to know. :/

The next Bat will, safe money bet, be:

25-30 years old +/- 2 years
non-American born
experienced not a 'name' celebrity (no Bradley Cooper, no Jon Hamm)
I'm 25, and i can safely say that it shouldn't be anyone around 25. maybe it's just me but i still feel like a kid, and to have batman portrayed in that area of age seems a bit odd to me.
Henry Cavill is 30, i wouldn't mind seeing someone 30+ for the role just to have a Batman who is older and thinks he knows more about humanity and the darkness than superman would. that could play well with character i think.
in saying that i know the studio will want an actor who can last a franchise, so having an actor at 30 and lasting for, what, 9-12 years of movies (assuming it is one every 2 years or so including cameo-ing in other solo character movies.) making the actor 39-42 by the end of their run might be "risky" for the studio, but i'd be happy with that.


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